Message from Pauline

One month after my first step in Thailand, I did so many other first time ! I met everyday volunteers from everywhere: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand obviously. I met local people, lovely farmers, teachers, students and kids too, because I taught 3 days a week for one month in Peace Village and I also went twice in Songkhla to teach to adults for Non Formal Education project. When I did not teach I did "renovation" and "farming", but it was more cleaning…

Anyway, I also went few days in a temple to join a short term camp: we ate with monk and local people, we went to new year's ceremonies and did meditation.

During free time, we celebrated Thai new year: Songkran day in Hat Yai, such fun! We went to Songkhla beach, monkey temple, many markets including the floating market, we visited Songkhla  zoo and museum, we went to water falls and even to a club in Hat Yai one night !

So I can say that I did so many things and learned a lot about different aspects of Thai culture. I even saw an elephant in the street, ate insects and learned a little bit of Thai language. But there is still a million things I want to see and learn, and this is just the beginning of my trip here: next month I will join an other short term camp in the museum and travel a little bit around, I can not wait !

Pauline April -June 2013

Peace Village Renovation Project