Message from Lex

Today is day 36. I'm already more than one month in Thailand. The time goes so fast. I did many things during my time in Peace Village.

I arrived on the 29th of March, so April was my first month of working. April was the month of VSA-education. We taught English to children in Peace Village, three days a week. It was my first experience with teaching. A really good experience. I liked to play with the children and it’s great if you see that their English improve.

Later in April I went to Songkhla to teach English to adults. It was difficult in the beginning. Actually my project was to go to primary schools in the country side. Except from the teaching-part, something completely different. In a quite big city, in an office and all students were older then I am. The first day was much more official then I expected. With the result that I was on television the next week! This week was my last day in Songkhla. And now I can say: It was a great experience. I learned a lot about teaching, people and other cultures. Everyone was so kind.

I also joined a short-term workcamp in a temple for a couple of days. It was so nice to sleep in such a special place. We made breakfast for the monks and we went to Hat Yai for Songkran, New Year. I was shocked, a totally different way to celebrate new year! So much water and a lot of soap. I’ll never forget this celebration!

I’ll leave Peace Village next Monday. I’m going to join a workcamp in the zoo for two weeks. And after that my time with VSA will be over. I’m going to travel in Thailand for one month. I’m sure that my experience here, in the south of Thailand, will help me. I learned so much. And I’ll miss it.

Lex Borst, The Netherlands

Education Project April - May 2013