Mae Chaem VSA1608 Community Living Episode1,2

Episode 1

I have spent two incredible weeks in Thailand. I fell in love with this place I love food and people here. They are very nice kind and polite. I love my accommodation and my roommates are very nice. Our mother is fantastic and good cooking.


n the part of volunteer it was very international group and I love it. I would like to say thank you to all of them that they made my work camp is unforgettable. Now I am very happy because I had the possibility to know a lot of important things about Thai culture . I really like the way that Thai people do to the foreigners. They show me how they are respect to foreigner And I love teaching Thai children they are very cute and expansive because they want to learn something different from their culture.

In the end , I can say that I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. Thanks Parin , R, my mother and father for their patience and kindness and also thank the rest of volunteer. I love them all.


Episode 2

There was no regret in Mae Chaem trip for community development even though this was my first time as a volunteer. Honestly, I did not expect anything in this camp. I thought that I just want to improve my English skills and exchange culture to various people.

I gained a lot of things from Mae Chaem camp. The first day of the camp, I was so excited stressed to begin new experience. When I arrived in the accommodation which is provided to volunteers, I felt more relieved because of warm welcome and Mae Chaem’s atmosphere. Each of volunteers became closer by activities from the camp. Then, we were brainstorming for activities to teach and entertain to children as propose of the camp. Most volunteers pushed up themselves for the best result for students although everything was new experience for them.

Adapting yourself to new environment was the important thing. I realized while I was spending two weeks in the camp because different people were living together.

Furthermore, volunteers had exchanged culture between themselves also, local people. I had learned northern culture and I was so impressive with its simplicity here. Another was precious friendship I had never thought that I will receive from this camp. Real families occurred in the camp because we had spent long time together in the early morning until the night.

Importantly, I was really glad to give opportunity to local children since I am from the capital city of Thailand and I usually felt I get better things more than them. The last thing, I felt more eager and useful because I used my potential through activities from the camp I had never been in school before. I will never forget the great experience in my life and keep on doing things that are beneficial to people who need it. Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Thanatchaporn maneejak (Fun)