Julie On Organic farming project

My project started on January with Sho-san, Japanese volunteer. She stayed the first month with us, so we did many things with her. Of course farming, but also visiting plenty of other farms so we could learn even more. We also did a big trip from HatYai to Ranong, everything by car, 10 hours until the first destination. Then go to Phuket but make a stop to Trang also. It was very nice to have these holidays with them. Then Sho-san left, it was so difficult for me to say good-bye to someone like that, because it’s the first time for me to meet people, have such good time with them and then say good-bye forever.

The first week of next month I came back to Learning Home for orientation wit P’Jam and two new volunteers arrived, Belgian (Aroka) and Spanish (Adria) boys, we had good time together. The second month I was the only volunteer on my project, but I still had a very good time because Zubaidoh, Bangli and the two monkeys are so kind, friendly and always do everything to make me feel comfortable. Because I was the only volunteer, P’Doh took me with her to the market for selling with her mother, it was a good new experience and it helps me to count in Thai too. I am always happy there, the only moments I feel sad is when I think about going back to Europe.

The third month I did orientation for one week, then stayed at KhlongHoiKhong for one more week to spend some time with Gear. And then we had work camp at P’Doh’s home with 3 others volunteers, Kenich from Japan, Vito from Taiwan and Lullabelle from Thailand. Lulla is a crazy girl but she made all of us laughing all the time, Vito is a girl I can talk with without any problem, we can understand each other even if she’s 10 years older. With Ken it’s different, because he is shy and likes to be alone, so we didn’t talk that much but we had no problem with each other, he is a good boy. I spend only one week on the work camp because my mother came to visit me and we went to travel together in the north of Thailand.

Now I am back to Learning Home waiting for the next volunteers to make orientation for them with P’Jam and then I will return to P’Doh’s family.