Julia In Farm camp

I decided to come in Thailand for my project because I always dreamed about visiting this country but not as a tourist, I wanted to learn about Thai culture by living Thai people. So I am more than happy of my time here, people share so much about their daily life and their culture, I enjoy it so much!

I was linked to VSA by an association in Belgium named JAVVA, this is how I have found my organic farming project. And I joined the work camp to live one more new experience and meet new people.

I just want to thank Pi Jam to make us live these experiences and have such a good time all together!

During these two weeks at the work camp we learned so many things about agriculture, a lot of techniques to make the things grow easier. We also visited a rice farm and a mango farm. Both of the farmers were so kind and shared their knowledge, ideas and experiences with us. Pi Jam was always there to translate every single word for us, so thanks for that too!

And I also need to say thank you to all the other Thai people that I met, Pi Phorn, Pi Pong and Nirat for their songs, their jokes and everything else! But also Gear for pick me up when I needed, make me meet his friends at his university, his friends in the area from the Learning Home and also the Chinese new year with his family.

Thanks to everyone to make me feel so comfortable here and never want to leave this country. Finally, thanks to you guys, I found a place where I belong to, where I can easily feel like home.

I sadly gonna need to go back in Europe for university, but I already planed to come back in Thailand later for working there.

I have here the best time of my life!!!

Julie-Anne Mahieu