IVY: Buddhist Community

This is an unforgettable month for me. I stayed in a host family on Yor Island, my host and her family are super nice and they took good care of me! She also introduced me her local students and we spent weekends in the downtown together. It is amazing to have cultural exchanges with the local people. I experienced the way of living and the culture of Thai people in a special way, people are friendly and I had a good stay here.

I taught in a temple and a primary school on weekdays. Some of the students and novices are motivated to learn and interact with us even they are not exposed to English much before. Sometimes I got the help of Thai people being the translators for me while teaching, it helped a lot as I don’t know how to use Thai to explain some words.

It is always the people we meet that make our trips, thank you every volunteer and everyone I met here, your smiles are always my best memory.

Ivy Kung from Hong Kong

June 2016