Indonesia internship

Ismi Azida the internship students from Indonesia worked at at  SIAM TAX ACCOUNTING, Internship for 1 month

 “Hatyai is a district in Songkhla place where I and three of my friends carry out job training. Before implementing internship at Siam Tax Accounting. My first following

Joined for orientation week at non-formal education center in Songkhla. Met with the volunteers from other countries. Meet with them is a joy for me. Share stories and experiences that are useful to me.

After completing the training I was placed in Siam Tax Accounting for 3 weeks. As an economics student who was doing an internship program at a tax office, I helped some work related to auditing a company, such as sorting and checking traksaksi corporate taxes. During practice here I learn how to work with others, understand the task and work in a timely manner.

Siam Tax Accounting taught me how to be a professional and qualified workers as well as management time effective and efficient. Although the implementation of the internship in Siam Tax Accounting I confront the challenge of differences in language, religion and culture. It makes us more creative in communicating. Sometimes we use the help of translators and body language.

Many positive values ​​that I got from all the VSA program is about mutual respect and respect and learn to appreciate the time. Because time is something that cannot be repeated so that all together should be a beautiful moment”

Ismi Azida

Rendy Irawan, the internship student from Indonesia worked at VSA officer as the administration officer for 1 month

His job summaries of report like as the project information sheet, Volunteer data, etc. And Coordinator between volunteer and VSA staff and visit the volunteer at the project place.

Mustangin the internship students from Indonesia worked at at  SIAM TAX ACCOUNTING, Internship for 1 month

 Sawasdee Krab .... Hello guys….


I'm a volunteer from Semarang State University (Indonesia). I lived in Thailand for 1 month. My project is an internship at Siam Tax Accounting. Siam Tax Accounting is a tax consulting and a financial audit. There, I learned about accounting and auditing.

 My internship for 3 weeks. The first week, I learned about the accounting cycle. The second week, I learned about the audit. The last week, I learned about accounting software (express accounting). Every day I had to leave at 6:30 so as not to be late. Office hours are 08.00 to 17.00. I took 1 hour to get the office and if the misfire can be more than that. Memorable experience which departs in the morning and return the evening. Hahaha...

Although constrained by writing full Thailand language but it has been a challenge. I really enjoyed it because I learned a work culture, language, ethics, timely, and conservative.

An interesting experience had been living together with other volunteers. They come from different countries so that in addition to improving the ability to speak the English language and improve the ability to cook because I really like to cook. I really love the Thailand food.

 Live at home with volunteers from various countries become more attractive. Every night there was a discussion that discussed even sometimes until late at night. Hopefully in the future be able to Thailand again to learn more. Learned society, culture, and everything.


See you again Thailand