ICL Songkhla-Experience Is the best TEACHER For me

by Annisa Bhekti from Indonesia


 What something in your mind if you heard  about Thailand? Yes, I think about Bangkok and elephant. But I have a program  in Songkhla province, Southern Thailand. Actually, I didn’t know about Songkhla before, but now I know that Songkhla is a beautiful place. I have a project with VSA during 2 months, August until September 2017. I teach at Watthungka School in Ratthapum district. Actually my subject is a PE (physical education) but there I teach English too. 

I was happy to meet Thai people, I think that Thai people is a friendly, lovely, and respectful. First day, I arrived at school, all of teachers welcomed me very friendly, they were always smile and said sawadee kha/krub when meet me and meet each other. Is there something that make a Thai  people respect each other?  

I was so happy when I taugh students too, because the students were so cute, they could not speak English but they really exited when I tauch English for them. They were so happy if I told them to singing and dancing with English song. I hope someday their English language will be better. 

For the food, I think Thailand has so many delicious food, although some food taste sour but over all is good. I’m a muslim, but Thai people very respect with me, for example if we are eating together and they have a pork in front of me, they will remove it and give me other food  like chicken or fish. I fel that they are kind people, they  are respect for each other, they are realize that difference is not a problem  to respect each other, but difference is a value to make a color in life.

I’m not just meet a people of Thailand, I met other people for other countries too, they came to Thailand  to be a volunteer. So we became friends and this made me learned new experience, and friendship. I hope someday we will meet again  with different story. 

Thank you so much for VSA that already gave  me an opportunity to explore Songkhla, Thailand, and  I gained many values from this program. 

One more i said “experience is the best teacher for me”. Thank you.