ICL Songkhla

LAM SZE LAI-Sherri from Hongkong and Carissa Paredes from Mexico teaches English Langue at Wat Kong Samarn Kul School, Hatyai, Songkhla for 2 months

“Hello! I am Sherri Lam from Hong Kong.

I spent two months in Hat Yai as a volunteer English teacher in a government primary school.

Before I came to Thailand, my boss said Thailand is called "tha Land of Smiles", I would meet happy and friendly people there. Yes! It's true! What I felt in the school was happiness in the air. Thai teachers were caring and very friendly. Thai students were passionate and always with a happy smile. They loved to hug me and did high five with me. Although they couldn't speak English at all, they tried their best to communicate with me, which was very impressive.

About the accommodation, the first month I stayed with four volunteers who came from different countries: Indonesia, Mexico and Japan. We shared and helped each other. Staying with them made me understood although we had different cultures and customs, we shared the same values: respect and kindness. I am glad to meet them in the wonderful Thailand.

In the second month, I stayed with a Thai local family, the daughter is a tourist guide who can speak basic Mandarin. She taught me Thai language and I taught her Mandarin. We had so much fun when we were having language exchange. Thai girls are so sweet and caring. I was lucky to stay in such happy local family”

ICL Sakon-Nakon

Shuichiro Furusawa from Japan teaches at

Rajaprajanugroh 53 Sakonnakhon School for 1 month

“Now I am English teacher and sometimes chemical and mathematics.

Usually with teachers but sometimes teach alone.

After finish school I usually play with students.

In this there are some troubles for teaching English

The first thing is there are six English teachers but five of teacher couldn't speak English...

And the student skills of English is very low 18years students couldn't understand meaning of the easy word, for example job, soldier etc ...

And now I try to make them to interest for English, because I can stay only 3weeks...”