ICL / Learning HOME

I came to this association for two weeks. My mission was to be like an English teacher for children during their summer school. It was interesting to live this experience with other Thai and foreign volunteers. We lived with other volunteers in a typical Thai house that was also used as the “Learning Home”. The usual day began with a breakfast accompanied with the other volunteers and after that, at 9.am, we welcomed children for all morning. Every day, we worked a same subject (different for each days) with all the children. But, we organized age groups to facilitate the understanding of all.

After the lunch cooked by ourselves, we worked in English with teenagers in the form of game or courses until 4.pm. A day or two a week, some volunteers had to give English course for an other center for teenagers and adults.

After classes, we were free to do what we want but it was not so easy because we were far from the town, so we went to the small market, or to the lake to look at the sunset, or to the local concert…

I also had the possibility to visit Hat Yai, some temples and observe landscape in the surrounding. I was lucky to feel good with others volunteers because it was easy to organize a weekend with them. Thank you everybody, I spent a really good time with you =)


Caroline (Belgian Volunteer)