I was on Kanchanaburi project, VSA Thailand

My first feeling is wow! It was very fantastic and I’m very happy! I met many nice people and I love your country. About the project, I preferred teach in primary school because the students want to learn and they are interested in English lessons! It’s very pleasant. In secondary school, many students didn’t come in my class. Sometimes, I had only 4 or 5 students. When the students didn’t come I felt useless and I asked myself what is my job here, why am I here? … Very strange feeling. But, in primary school, the students waited for me!! 

It’s an amazing experience and I have no regret about my coming in Thailand. I think you can’t see the same things when you are just a tourist. I shared many things with local people, I wanted to discover everything and speak with everybody on myway. 

Joy took care of us very well and I thank her very much! 

I think it’s an experience for everybody! Everybody have to do a volunteer project! I come away rich and after that, I just want to go everywhere to see everything!!

For the beginning, I didn’t know we had to wear (long) skirt and we can’t show our shoulders in the school maybe someone could tell them   for next volunteers.


Margot from France

12 Jyly - 11 September 2012

Ban Nongprue School, Kanjanaburi, Thailand