I Think it’s the Right Choice

Thailand is led by a King. The King has little direct power under the constitution and the patron of Thai Buddhism, be the symbol of national identity and unity. The King of Thailand is highly respected and regarded as a moral leader.

Most of the Thailand people are Buddhists, but there are some small minorities of Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. Thailand also supports religious freedom. Thailand is the country with the largest number of Buddhists in the world. Islam in the second largest religion in this country.

Okay now I will tell you about my experience in Thailand

First, how about orientation?

Hello, My name is Putri, I came from Indonesia. I want to have new experience so I chose Thailand. In Thailand I will be a volunteer in The Institute of Southern Thai Studies for one month.

Before I go to The Institute of Southern Thai Studies , I joined one week orientation with local people, some staffs from VSA organization (Volunteer Spirit Association Organization) and another volunteers from another countries. The orientation is done in Suantoon village. During the orientation I learnt about Thai Language and know some culture in Thailand. So from the orientation I can speak Thai language but only basic like a number and “sawaddee ka” means Hello, “kobkun ka” means thankyou, “chan schu” means my name is .. and etc.

Second, how about to be volunteer?

I went to The Institute of Souther Thai Sudies. This is a museum located in Koh Yo. The view of Koh Yo is beautiful. I’m in the museum for three weeks. I have gotten many experience from here such as ticket system, financials, and organization structure. The staffs also show me how to maintenance the things of museum. But sometimes I was a guide if the tourist came in here which is interested when because I can practicing English. The staffs here were very fine because they were always helped me and they also gave me comfortable place for rest. I think the director, the staffs, and local people do care with the environment because they have project that I joined call “cleaning the road in Koh Yo”. And They have another project with producing local fabric woven to celebrate the cooperation of museum with local people. So during I am a volunteer in the museum I gained many new experience.

Third, How about all?

I think Thailand is the right choice because I gain lots of experience. And this experience is the best teacher for me.

Local people, I am grateful because I could not speak Thai but the local people were always helped me and they were very friendly with me. Local people waas always welcome with the foreigners.

Food and Drink, I think to find food and drink is very affordable because the price is achievable and also many people selling food. For Muslim don’t worry in here lots of halal logo foods. Usually if I want to buy meals I go to convenient store or in food court in a shopping mall

Transportation, public transportation is various, just choose it, but usually I travelled by Songtaew or Tuktuk. Both of them are cheapest.

I think not only food, drink, and transportation is easy to find but also the primary and secondary needs , for example clothes, pants, etc.

Travelling, Thailand is also a suitable country for traveling as Thailand has various tourist attraction. These tours include temples, amusement parks, sculptures, beach and spectacular performance on religion and culture.

The conclusion is I’m glad to come to Thailand because I got a valuable learning experience and I could also travel to nice and interesting places. So Thailand is the right choice.

Thank you