Happy EVS first month by Mariangeles, Nacho, Adrian, Franccesco

Sawasdee krab! hello guys! we are four volunteers writing at the same time. Our names: Nacho, Mariangeles from Spain, Adrian from France and Franccescoli from Italy.

We are writing from Thailand! After one month here, we can say living here is very relax, Thai people use the term "Sabai sabai" for that expression.

Currently, we are living in our Peace village called "Kuan Niang", located in the South of Thailand in the middle of the jungle with a very kind host family, they have two little daughters and they are really amazing, they are our Thai language teachers.

Living here is amazing, now there are only four of us, but until last weekend we were 12 volunteers living together and to be divided into groups has been a little bit tough!!

We are working on a farm so far, every morning we have to pick up the liquid from the rubber trees, this liquid is used to do latex after that we have to take care about 100 pigs, we have to fed them up and clean their houses, and we are also planting our own land for having vegetables and fruit during we are here.

From next week we will start to go to the school for teaching English to Thai kids. We are looking forward to starting with the lessons.

In the weekend, in our free time, we usually go anywhere all together, two weeks ago we went to the amazing island Mook, which was amazing experience.

We hope all of you are really good in you respective peace village, we post some pictures and then you can check how is our live here!

Thank u all for reading! lot of love

Laa kon krab!!!!