Happy EVS first monht by Maïlys

Time in Thaïland is different. Sabai Sabai. Be relax, follow the river, expect the unexpected… Sometimes, the time is a long string, you wait for the rain to pass, you wait for the temperature to cool down, you wait for the project to start or for a decision to be taken. And suddenly, you come into action: improvised English lesson for kids, collecting garbage, gardening, farming, cleaning the pigsty, collecting latex from rubber tree. Then it slows down again, it is the end of the day, so relax, enjoy the company of one another, singing, playing guitar, reading, playing cards…

And on Friday night, comes a new kind of rush: free time! It is now time to explore Thailand! It is kayaking, we’re falling, laughing and suddenly a cry of “catch that cap!”. We are taking a breath, walk a bit then around the corner a beautiful waterfall appears, our eyes are filled up of the scenery, smile longer than our face.

The next weekend we go to Koh Mook Island, a beautiful place, we are all together, and between music, beach, beers and laugh, that short time seems to stretch in an amazing present. Sadness is also present; Thailand lost its king, a person they hold dear in their hearts. Thai people are mourning, colours are forgotten, except black and white, the music is now silence and celebration doesn’t matter anymore. Later, little by little it returns, celebrations is an important part of Thai life, celebration is life over death, celebration is community, smile, sharing…

There are also some times of adrenaline, seeing a scorpion in your shower, or discovering centipede (a very frightening animal, red, kind of like a worm but with many legs and fast movements!), some amazing discoveries, mainly Thai food.

Then we get flabbergasted by a demonstration of traditional thai dance: is that possible to turn the hands that way?!

This month was not counted like days or hours, this month was counted as moments, pictures, discoveries and feelings.