From Here to There (Emi)

I taught English to students from 4 years old to adults at Peace Village. I was supposed to join the work camp of Songklan Festival. But because of the bomb, the program changed. It was my first time to teach English and I didn’t have enough materials. So at first I was nervous but in the first class I realized teaching English is fun (actually it’s hard as well.) When students got something from my class, I was really happy.

One of memorable things is that some children broke through their shyness in a couple of weeks. I was surprised that students spoke to me from themselves.

Through ICL camp, we enjoyed cultural exchange, playing games, eating, cooking and visiting museum together.

Though it’s difficult for children to understand why we have to study English, I hope students got some motivations for that by communicating with us ,international volunteers in English.

I’m missing beautiful place, delicious food by Papit and kind people.

That was just 3 weeks but will be one of the best days in my life.

Thank you so much.

Emi, 21 Japan