From Here and There by Ho

"I keep in memory a colorful experience and dream.

Already pass by several days since I left from Peace Village.

But, until now it is impossible to stop thinking about that memory.

Because that is such a good memory for me.

Even though I stayed just for 2 weeks, I can obtain lot of things.

For example, I could experience real Thai life. The reason is that I lived in a local place. And I had the chance to meet local people.

At P.V. I've met many nice people who come from different countries.

From them, I can learn and listen about their life and travel, dream!

Thanks to their help, I could smile all the time! And got happiness feeling!

It is very interesting and stimulating for me! So I can get more big dream!

As a result, I can concentrate on my studies and my Korean life.

I wish to meet everyone again in a near future!

Where doesn’t matter to us! At this moment I want to be with you guys~

At last I really thank you everyone very much!

and... to the other guys who will join P.V.:

Let's try!! P.V. is always open to you!! and waiting for you!!"

Ho, 25 years old, Korea VSA1203