am the lucky one, who is volunteer at Folklore Museum (Songkhla Province), a beautiful and interesting museum about Southern Thailand. I am working in charge of public relation public, Nongluk, very kind as colleague and tour guide.

My activities are diversified: translate some documents, write some articles for a blog, guide, help in conservation service and English teacher. The work is not so hard, but you have to be open and flexible and above all ready to share and communicate.

I invite the next volunteers in Songkhla Province to come to visite the museum and see this area .

I live with a very nice and kind family and it is interesting to see and live a Thai life .

I have time to visit with my host family and my colleague and especially eat and try something new each day. Breakfast, lunch, diner. A real “EATING TRIP” like we said with my host family.

For me everyday can become an amazing memories.

About Thailand ?

Their lifestyle is different from us and above all of rare simplicity. People are very welcoming, and kind .

Love, respect and hospitality lead their life.

I am here since 2 months now and Thailand keep going to surprised me .

We don’t call Thailand, the country of SMILE for nothing .

“Kop’ koun khaa” for this incredible personal experience .

Laure Moura, a happy volunteer