am Sini from Finland and this is my first time as volunteer and first time in Thailand also. I'm teaching kids at local primary schools and in local ICL-house. Teaching is awesome, kids are so sweet and full of joy and I love to see the joy in their face when they learn something. They don't understand much English and first times that I saw them they were little shy. But now every time I see them they get better and after class they wanna have hug and they give me all kind of stuff like lollipops and paper folding.

I just love it here, I had pleasure to work with Thai volunteer Jam and I want to thank her for all my heart she supported my teaching and made my first month in Thailand very easy. Jam taught me more of Thai culture, language and people, because of Jam I have now new experience and many ideas for teaching time I have left and for future too.

I came here to teach and that's what I have done, but this project has gave so much more. I learned new things and got amazing new experiences. I made many new friends all around the world from different countries and cultures. And other volunteers feels like family, we had amazing time together.

I can recommend this to anyone. I fall in love with Thailand and Thai people. I still have one month left in my project but I already know that someday I want to come back to Thailand and maybe even do some new volunteering.

Thank you VSA, thank you Thailand.