Daiki report on January

I’m Daiki from Japan. I stayed in Koh Yor 7 months and staying more 3 months.

When I came here the first time I could not understand Thai and did not know anything, nowadays I can talk with Thai people and had a lot of experiences. I’ll do my best 3 months left too. Thank you


I usually help staffs on weekdays. it’s a really flexible except Tuesday.

On Tuesday this museum closed then staffs clean up something, artifacts, rooms, outside museum and so on. On weekdays there are a lot of work with staffs, hold an exhibition, go to school or temple, guide, make documents and so on.


There are a lot visitor at the museum everyday, tourist, children, student and local people. I guided and talked with them. And there are also a lot of staffs in this place.

They have own projects so I help them too. For example, this month we held a festival for children, on that day I helped staffs and made a Popsicle for children. It was extremely interesting. I could see them smiles and it made me happy. And on another day, I went to the primary school to teach English, then I taught 6 classes (Primary 1 - 6) a day.

It was highly challenging but interesting and I felt their enthusiasm.

I had a great time with them.