Community Living camp Chiangmai

VSA1615 Community Development, Maechaem Chiangmai with 15 volunteers stayed together from 7-15 July. The following are the memory of some workcampers.

For this first volunteer experience, we went in the small village of Mae Chaem, located in the province of Chiang Mai.

At first, it was not what we expected. The village was bigger than we thought and we were separated in several houses.

One good point is that we did so many different things. it was nice to discover a new culture, people coming from other countries. It was such a pleasure to visit a school of small children and another of bigger ones. It helped us to get closer with the local people and two have different point of views. People over there were always smiling and it was so nice to spend time with them.

Even though the aim of the project was to learn basic language to children and help as such as we could, we also got the chance to visit temples and the nature surrounding Mae Chaem.

The accommodation could stop you to make this kind of project, however, the kindness and the generosity of the host families make you feel like home and help you feel good in each circumstances.

To end, I would like to thank everybody who have made this week become possible and unforgettable. It was a pleasure to meet all of you and we would recommend this kind of project to everybody

Jessica, Julie and Camille, from Belgium

I have learned a lot of things form school activities. The day after we arrived, we went to elementary school. I did not expected that the students have purely open mind. However they very welcome us and followed what we prepared. Even though it was only one day, they remembered our name, calling those.

The second school where we have visited 3 days was located on the mountain. I think the students have a lot of opportunities to be farmer as well as other occupations. We shard what we want to be and what's our dream. Before I visit the school, I just thought that they wanna be farmers but actually they had diverse dreams. I really want to see that their dreams come true.

Generally, locals are so friendly and smile to us. I was so impressed that they welcome totally strangers and treat us like family. Unfortunately, I could not do many jobs regarding farming. I hope to experience to work in farms in the next chance. I want to be a Korean work camp leader one day.

This camp would be great helpful for me.

youbin moon