My name is Chiharu Kimoto. I’m from Japan. I’ve just finished 3rd grade of university, and I took gap year for a year. I stayed in Klong hoy khong for 6 months, and in Sisaket for a months. I teach English in Sakon Nakhon for 2 months, November and December.


I taught English in 5 formal schools this month. I came back my last schools in this month.

Wat moungkom school

Students remembered me. Some primary 4 and 5 students are naughty, so sometimes I couldn’t control the class last time. But I improved manage the class so now I can control them. Primary 2 and 3 students are naughty and they can’t concentrate for 1 hour. As for primary 1 students, we taught about 30 minutes every time and Thai teacher helped me so it is going well.

Ban kokreang school

This school’s students are very naughty. The teacher of primary 2 student left the school so I have to teach primary 1 and 2 at the same time. It was so hard to teach them. Some students got angry during the game or start playing by themselves. In other grade, it was more easier because some students who are good at English helped me.


I taught English and Japanese in 2 schools this month. Teaching day is Monday to Wednesday. There are 2 activities days such as collecting garbage, cleaning and handicraft.


Students are shy in both schools. There are 6 to 17 years old students. So it was difficult to teach them same things. Because if I teach too easy things, secondary students are board. Drawing was a good way to remember and every grade student can enjoy. There are about 30 to 40 students in the classroom. They listened very carefully so it was easier to teach here. Because this is informal education so if they don’t want to learn, they just don’t come.

I taught English with Spanish volunteer. We took our own cultures in the class, like Macarena, Spanish dance. I also taught Japanese because they are very interested in Japanese.

I can use wi-fi in both schools. I can also use computer and color printer in Nonsamran school because some teachers helped us a lot. But there are no teacher during our camp in Tasawang school.


We started garbage project because students used to throw away garbages on the road and garbage place was mess up. We collected garbage inside and around school, garbage place of the school and temples. Many students enjoyed but it is difficult to change their habit. In Nonsamran school, I made sign of garbage to let others divide garbage.

We had activities of handicraft. We made fish and stars from straws after we collected garbage. I also taught how to make bracelet from strings.


There are about 750 students in the school. It has primary 1 to Secondary 6 students. This school is very different from other schools. All students live in dormitory in the school. They don’t have parents or their family is poor.

This school is strict. Students have many rules. They can’t use their cellphones in the school (actually almost students bring to the school). So I can’t tell them Facebook or LINE account because if I tell them it means they break the rule. They can skip classes although it is not good, but they have to help teachers.

An English teacher asked me which grade I’d like to teach at the beginning of semester. I prefer to teach lower secondary students (because I want to be a lower secondary teacher in the future) so I have many secondary classes.

Students’ English level is poor. Of course there are some students who are good at English but 1 or 2 in a class. Also they are shy so not so many students speak out English. Many secondary students skip classes or sleep in the classroom because they don’t want to study. I tried to take games in the lesson. Also they have many activities so they are often late for the class.

I teach secondary students easy conversation and grammar. For example, I ask “Did you have breakfast? What did you eat?” and if they don’t know how to answer I wrote vocabulary on the black board. As for primary class, I teach easy words and let them play activities.

There are about 70 teachers. Many teachers live in the school accommodation. They would like to take me somewhere in free day but they are often busy. Teachers in Ne New room take care of me. Usually they help me when I teach.

I have to wear formal clothes. Treasures are not allowed when I teach students.

There are wi-fi all of the school area (except farm).

The school provides me an accommodation. It has mattress, blanket, mosquito net, mosquito repellant, hunger, bowl for laundry, bottles of water, and so on. I have 3 times of meals in canteen. The school support things what I need in the accommodation. Also there is a small shop in the school.

In the teacher’s room (Ne New room), I have an own desk for work. I can use computer and printer in the room.

I also taught handicraft after school (15:30-16:30). Sometimes I taught Japanese in my free time because they are interested in Japanese. If you want to teach other things, you can ask teachers.

Message from teacher who working with Chiharu when she moved to other school in the North Eastern, Thailand.

Dear lovely girl.

Thank you so much Achi. We always miss you.

And always remember how we met.

I don't want to cry for your leaving from here. But I am very happy because you will grow up and do your dreams.

One day, we will meet again, I hope that.

I will follow you to see your beautiful life.

You will meet many people and they are good person. You will have many memories and I am in there too .

I like you so much. My lovely girl.

Please go for see your beautiful world.

And come back to here again.

Here's your second home. Okay?

Good luck Achi.


Teacher Gud.