My name is Chiharu Kimoto. I’m from Japan. I’ve just finished 3rd grade of university, and I take gap year for a year. I’ll stay in Thailand for 9 months and this is the first month for teaching.



I taught English in 4 formal schools and Learning HOME this month.

Students were in summer vacation until mid of month. So I went to many other places, national waterfall park, Taksin University and so on, in order to teach English and interact.

I have been to the Weekend School of Ta Da, helper of teachers in Wat Kokmoung school on Sunday. It is held on every Saturday and Sunday. This school have kindergarten and primary students. There are about 10 students. If you want, you can join every time.

Wat Moungkom school.

There are not enough teachers because small school doesn’t have money. So usually other teachers don’t help me. They haven’t had any volunteers from other countries, so they were very afraid of me at the first time. Teachers are so kind. Their English ability is poor except director, but they are willing to communicate with me.

Ban Kuanniang school

There are about 80 students. This school also haven’t any foreigner volunteers, so students were very shy at first. Teacher’s English ability is poor. Some teachers seems don’t want to communicate with me. The man who is helper of this school can speak English well. Teachers usually don’t help me, but class of primary 3,4 and 5,6 students understand my words well without other teachers.

Ban Kuankob school

There are about 70 students. Students are not shy to communicate foreigners, because this school had foreigner volunteers last year. Most of teachers can speak English. They help me every class, so this school is easier than other schools.

Ban Kuansamet schoo

There are about 200 students. They also had foreigner volunteers last year. This school is very organized. 1 class consists of 25 to 40 students, but they listen the class quietly. And academic ability of this school is top in this area. The English teacher always help me.


I taught English in 5 formal schools this month.

Samakomtaipalitya2 school

There are about 70 students. It is first time for this school to come foreigner volunteers. So they were very shy at first. I teach primary 1 to 3, but sometimes I teach kindergarten. Teachers help me every class.