Bastien Story

Hello !

My name is Bastien, I'm 21 and I'm French. I had the chance to do volunteer work in Songkhla Zoo, southern Thailand. I realized this mission for 3 months from 1st June to 30th August 2016. And then, I discovered this beautiful country during the month of September before come back to France.

This experience was most enriching. In fact, I first had the opportunity to work in the zoo, be in direct contact with wild animals and take care of animals. I was in the research team with P'Pong and his team of unparalleled kindness and I will not forget.

Moreover, this experience allowed me to meet extraordinary people. I consider this person like my second family. I want to say thank’s to P'Jam, coordinator in VSA association, which made me share and know a lot about Thai culture, lifestyle and the country in general. Also, I want to say thank’s to Nasuha ans Sofeeya and all the people who have always been present in my integration in the association and in my second home country.

Thai people are very welcoming and incomparable kindness. Thus, at the touch of local I came to realize how lucky I was to participate in such an interesting an rewarding experience it. Finally, through this mission I was able to further meetings and build strong friendships with some of them as Gear, Bright who were formvolunteers in VSA. So I would really like to return to Thailand early next year to review all these amazing people that made my extraordinary and memorable journey. So I can travel and continue to discover people and amazing landscapes.