ANNIE In Thailand

Annie or Leighanne Lyttle is volunteer from United State of America. She joined one week for organic farming in Songkhla and one last week for ICL camp. This is her following experience written by herself.

Organic Farming

The farming project was very informative, I've learned that everything can be used. For example, old coconut shells are used put around new plants to protect them. No pesticides are needed to grow beautiful and delicious fruits and vegetables. Its a wonderful treat to eat fruit straight from the garden! My host family opened their hearts and home to me and I became one of the family. They are wonderful teachers and I appreciate their hospitality.

Teaching English

Teaching the English Camps at local schools was so exciting! The children are shy but they always have a big smile on their face, the teachers are learning too. It is so rewarding to be an Ambassador of the English language, the international language. Its more important than ever to learn English, its used all over the world in business, education, and leisure activities.

Thai people are so friendly and have big hearts, the other volunteers made my experience one of a kind! We also could not teach successfully without the help of Thai volunteers. I have many great memories of teaching and hope to have left a positive impact as well as a love of learning.