An Indonesian Youth did Volunteering Program in Thailand

In the middle of his business as a manager program of a NGO in Indonesia, an Indonesian youth named Taufik decided to joined the voluntary program held by VSA (Voluntary Spirit Association) Thailand. Taufik with 7 other selected international volunteers, helped the students in Rajaprajanugroh 50 School (RPN 50) learned English. RPN 50 is a school established and funded in full by the Kingdom of Thailand for orphans, poor, with special needs or from the remote area students in the Province of Khon Kaen and surrounding areas. RPN 50 worked with VSA Thailand initiated short-term voluntary program (12-24 December 2016), entitled "Intercultural Language Camp" (ICL camp). The main purpose of ICL camp are motivates and help students of RPN 50 to learning English and cultural diversity in the world. By providing RPN 50 student an opportunity to meet and learn with foreign volunteers, will be very helpful for them to face the global and competitive future.

"I followed the selection of ICL camp participants because it has been a long time want to visit Thailand and I love education as well." This youth who graduates master of education from Semarang State University said. "in addition, I wanted to implemented my knowledge and skills to helped others, I can also learn many things there ". continued him.

Taufik with 1 volunteer from Indonesia, 2 volunteers from USA, 1 volunteer from the Netherlands, and 3 volunteers from Thailand worked together to created interesting and fun English learning for RPN 50 students. Not only in the class, the international Volunteers also interacted with student outside the classroom. "Although shy and had minimal English, RPN 50 students were very friendly and polite. We chatted, joking and played together in variety of opportunitues. The students assumed us as a friend". said Taufik excited.

This youth who also a lecturer, admits that a lot of new insights he got in ICL camp. "In addition admired the food, art and architecture of Thailand, I admired the hospitality and manners of RPN 50 people particularly, and Thailand people in general. They always smiling and greet. They were also very tolerant in religion. Although they Buddhists, they provided halal food and place for me to worship in Islam. Even they facilitated me a vehicle when I should Friday praying in mosque outside the district. It was very touched for me." said Taufik memorized." From the other international Volunteers, I also got a lot of knowledge and insight. For example, I learned about counseling from Scott, volunteer from USA who is a professor of psychology and learned about language education from Dylan, dutch volunteers who ever be language teacher ". He added.

Finally, the young man who birth in Tegal, Indonesia, was also utilized the opportunity in ICL camp to introduced Indonesia in international scene. "Many asked about Indonesia, I would explain gladly. I also had a chance to introduced one of Indonesian folk song and performed a folk dance (semarangan dance) on the inauguration of ICL camp.

Nafisa, Indonesia