Alex on first month in Peace Village

It’s the end of summer in France and a new one begins for me in Thailand. My name is Alexandre and I’m 26 years old. After 6 years in an Engineering School, I decided to go abroad for 3 months to the Peace Village of VSA Thailand. I have had different projects like organic farming, teaching English to kids or renovating camps. It was very interesting to work with local people and other foreign volunteers for sharing cultures, foods and ways of thinking.

The first two weeks I was surprised by everything, the hot weather, the cities with pictures of the king’s family everywhere, and of course by the very hot spicy food! But more than theses different aspects, I was impressed by the kindness and curiosity of Thai people. They always smile and the first thing they say when they see foreigners, it’s “farangs”, because they are so surprised to see us in a non-touristic place. It’s the reason why I like the south of Thailand and Songkhla region, the Thai people act naturally and share a lot, in touristic place it’s not the case.

Finally, I can say that after 3 months, I will never be the same!