Agriculture project with Henri at Peace Village

I arrived in Peace Village on the 1 of June. My first impression was very positive about the local volunteers, the place and the different projects. My first week was dedicated to introduction and learning more about Volunteer Spirit Association.

My main project in Peace Village is about farming and renovation but the most interesting thing is that we are not specialized in one field. Indeed I spent my first month not only at the farm but also at local school. Next to school work, some English camps were organized in PV in order to teach English to local students. It was very interesting to meet different students and teachers and to learn about the way English is tough in Thailand. Even if It was my first experience as English teacher I was not bored or afraid because thai students are very nice.

The fact that as international volunteer we could change topics and missions very often was very enriching. It allows me to discover many aspects of VSA and of the life in Thailand.

Concerning Thai people and Thailand in general, I am very happy. This is a very interesting and welcoming country; people are also very nice and open to discussion about their culture and the Thai way of living.

It has been already one month and a half since I arrived here but I do not feel any home sick or boredom. I am just afraid of my come back to France after 3 great months in Thailand.

Henri, French

June - August 2012

Peace Village, Klonghoikhong Songkhla Thailand