Activity’s Pauline and Valentine at Somdetja learning center in Chiangmai on April.

We organize our lessons in terms of the English levels' students. Some of them progress fastly and the others more slowly. We studied different thems like the family, the jobs, and the weather. We also teached how to indicate time and how to situate ourselves in a house or in the school. We reviewed colors and we did a geographic lesson too. Besides, we went to a village in the Don Inthanon National Park to teach English for children who didn't have a lot of knowledge in English: we did many games with us because they were young. It's important to respect the rhythm of each pupil and not progress too fast if the child doesn't understand the last lesson.


We are at the end of April, it means we did the two thirds of our volunteering in Thailand. Consequently, it is time to draw up a balance sheet: whereas I arrived at Somdetja School just with another French volunteer, two Koreans joined us for two weeks. After these few days, two other girls (French too!) arrived at the school. We spent six weeks together and we appreciated to be four to teach English effectively to the students. Indeed, sometimes it's complicated to teach during two hours with 55 teenagers in front of us. Sometimes because they are not very interested by English language, sometimes because they don't understand nothing, even if they want to progress. I note that our mission is not only into the classrooms but also before and after the English lessons. For example, some students are shy and they don't dare to speak English during the lesson. But when they meet us in the school, they propose us to walk with them and they try to talk with us. It's very nice to live at the school and to spend a lot of time with the pupils. We learn to know them better and we also learn many things nearby them. For the two next months, I'll try to enjoy my time at Somdetya School, to teach a lot of things and to speak English every time with the students because I would like they love English!