Ban Din Na Camp-

2 weeks in Krabi district

A short resume of VSA team adventures in Krabi for two weeks !

Our goal! Find our next school somewhere in krabi district. Buy  2 mm mattress for sleeping, CHECK, Find a public transport to take 7 tourists with 9 mattress, CHECK. Find a delightful pink bus to Krabi, CHECK. Survive to 5 hours bus trip with siberian temperatures, CHECK. Find our next Chinese & Japan volunteer colleagues, CHECK

We are now 9 in the group with the help of Mango, from China and Kohei from Japan. Both student, they are here only for 2 weeks, before the holidays ending. Integration, our priority, even if we spend a short time together, is well, and share a good party in which everybody is dancing la macarena and HAPPY in front of 300 people helps. And finally we laugh more about the humour differences than the joke by itself !

 Local english teacher Pinii explains us about class, our future schedule and activities. My teaching skill is quite limited, the same for everybody in the group, but our volunteering spirit composed of help, perseverance and humour can move mountains (no big mountains in Krabi...). And our first class shows us all the difficulties to teach and communicate with young Thai students. In the other hand so much fun to share games, moments or just regards with our student. We don't have any result obligations, and this is why we can serenely spend time with some student, play with them, be late on schedule..

After class we can have more times with students, and even if it is now the summer holidays, a group of children always comes back to help us. They ask for everything, they give a hand for washing cloth, painting, playing football or badminton ;) And school teachers bring us to waterfall, hot spring or diner,  so much time together to discover Thailand !

Now our volunteering in Bankinoun school is finished, let's go forward for new exchange experiences, but we keep this first workcamp in our heart !