MLTV1105 Organic farming-Songkhla


The local organic farming learning center where is the learning center of local organic vegetable and fruits. This is the famous private local organic farm in Songkhla. The manager is the local organic farm philosopher who has been a tropical agriculture supervisor.

Working Volunteers are expected to work and learn tropical plants and help in organic farming. Eating and live as the nature care.

Location Janong sub-destrict, Jana, Songkhla

Accommodation and food

Volunteer stay in host family, mattress and fan is provided. Eating as a vegetarian.


· Hatyai train station

· Hatyai bus station

· Hatyai International Airport

Leisure Activities

· Local Temple

· Local Community

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months