MLTV1103 Rescue Team Assistant


Thong Sia Siang Teung Foundation has worked as the rescue in emergency case. They are the rescue professional as all of working volunteers and staffs has been trained before working on rescue situation.


Volunteers work as the supporters in rescue term, first aid and bring patient to the hospital and any other work to help people from an accident or emergency case. Volunteer need to have experience of first aids, rescue trained.

Location Thong Sia Siang Teung Foundation; Hat Yai City, Songkhla.

Accommodation and food Volunteers stay with host family in Hatyai, Songkhla


· Hatyai train station

· Hatyai bus station

· Hatyai International Airport

Leisure Activities

· Khohong Hill

· Tone Nga Chang Water fall

· Local Temple

· Hatyai downtown

· Floating market

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months.

Special Remarks Certificate of rescue training or study in rescue, medical or relevant content.