Volunteer would stay and work with VSA and local partners from 1 to 12 months with the following themes

· Education (EDU) teaching, learning, exchanging, etc.

· Environment (ENVI) planting trees, taking care of planted trees, collecting garbage, public water sources conservative, etc.

· Agriculture (AGRI) learning Royal new Theory agriculture, organic farm, organic gas, etc.

· Culture (CULT) local history recalling festival, museum.

· Construction (CONS) School and Temple renovation.

· Social (SOCI) Local community development

· Renovation (RENO)


· Age over 18 years

· Abilities to communicate in English or full intention to try.

· Open up and love to learn new things and respect in different culture.

Volunteer life

Volunteer Coordinator, will be the one who can manage and answer your question and also will be coordinator between international volunteers and local host in the beginning of the project after a while international volunteers need to learn to communicate themselves with local host even we use different language but language not empowerment than intention. Volunteer coordinator will be your adviser during your voluntary staying.

Working, the local organization will prepare the work for the volunteer and your ideas or suggestions are always welcome and needed. The volunteers are not the tourists, visitors or a guest they are expected to work with the locals as a member of their team.

Simple accommodation, volunteer expected to stay at a local house, sometimes at a temple, school, public center, forest camping, hut.

Accommodation and food, accommodation and food are included in the participation fee except for their own expense such as souvenir, personal food and accommodation in free time, weekend ,traveling day or before project start and after ending of the project. Volunteer have to keep clean their own accommodation and cooking their own food with mostly together with the local.

Participation Fee

Participation fee use for food and accommodation during volunteer project period accept volunteer own expenses such as souvenirs, alcohols, personal food, and free time travel expenses also expense before the project start and after project ending.

Why participation fee?

VSA is not financially supported by government to host projects related to IVS. Hence all projects are self-funded with a participation fee. Given the remote location and various complexities we have tried our best to make it as affordable as possible for volunteers. Being a non-profit organization we emphasize on transparency, below is how we spend collected participation fee.

· Food, accommodation and logistics of volunteer during workcamp.

· Project setup costs. (material and logistics cost)

· Running the camp. (wages of professional like mason, carpenter, plumber etc and training local youth supported by us.)

· Office running/admin expenses. (Internet, photocopy, stationary, electricity, phone, salaries, office equipments, tools and rent etc.)

· Supporting small community project.

· International travel costs to global conferences and membership fee for networking.

The participation Fee will be divide as

50% for Project Running, preparing workcamp all workcamp and MLTV project cost

30% for Organization Running, all administrative cost such internet, rental, salary, phone, equipment, etc.

10% Networking, Training and Seminar, cost for International travel costs to global conferences and membership fee for networking

10% Foundation, activities and supporting to our local partners outside the project.

How to apply

· Completely Volunteer Exchange Form

· Completely motivation letter

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