ICYE Program

Short Term exchange Programmes


Get involved in ICYE STePs 4-16 weeks – Over 300 STePs into a World of Experiences & Cultures!

Building on its established long-term programme, ICYE STePs are designed to offer you a combination of reliable and meaningful voluntary work with a direct exposure to the rich cultures of the host countries.

To find out about the type of voluntary service opportunities offered in the distinct countries, check the STePs Database, where you can browse through available work placements.

And if you’re short of time, but still want to find out about the culture of the country, avoiding mainstream tourist routes and activities, ICYE receiving National Committees can offer you a wide range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

For how long can I volunteer?

STePs projects can last between 4 and 16 weeks – all year round

How old do I have to be?

Placements are open to all persons aged 18 years and above – no maximum age limit

Where will I live?

Most STePs volunteers will live with local host families selected by ICYE Staff in the host country. A few placements are in residential projects or in independent or shared flats with other international volunteers. Breakfast and dinner are usually provided by the host family and lunch by the voluntary service placement. Food allowance is provided by the ICYE National Committee to volunteers in an independent or shared flat.

What do I get besides the volunteer placement?

Our host country ICYE Staff will:

หลังจากเลือกประเทศ และโครงการ กรอกใบสมัคร


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ICYE’s main programme is the long-term exchange of young people, aged 18 to 30, who want to work as volunteers in a wide variety of voluntary work placements with or without qualifications, live in another country with a family or a in a residential project. Opportunities for older volunteers are available in most countries.

Each year ICYE exchanges over 400 long-term volunteers between different countries for periods ranging from six to twelve months.

The ICYE Experience

To be a volunteer with ICYE means to integrate in the life and work of the host organisation and wider community. Volunteers are encouraged and supported to get involved in the planning and managing of distinct activities and to take on responsibilities according to their skills and interests, as well as the needs of the project. An important aspect of the voluntary service experience is the volunteer’s active participation in the life of the community in which they live and work.

Voluntary service placements offered by ICYE include social work projects with children and young people at risk, with the elderly, the disabled, health projects, support to human rights organisations, peace associations, ecological projects, work with women’s groups, migrant workers’ support groups, fair-trade shops, and solidarity projects.

หลังจากเลือกประเทศ และโครงการได้แล้วติดต่อ

Call: 08 1959 2961