Two worlds colliding:
Meeting my mother in Thailand 

Two worlds colliding: Meeting my mother in Thailand. 

In this storytelling I want to write about when my mother came to visit me in Thailand. It was weird seeing my mother at RPK 24 school (my project) for the first time. It can best be described as two worlds clashing with one another. 

On the first day after my mother arrived we went to a coffee shop near the school. It was fun taking her to places where I have been many times and to see her experiencing them for the first time.

In the evening we went to have dinner with Kru Timmy and Kru Nui. We ate noodles. Next to the restaurant is a small shop that sells Khao Tom Moo. Khao Tom Moo is a savoury rice soup that in our case was served with an egg. We bought two servings of the soup to eat for breakfast. 

My mother really liked the soup, and I enjoyed showing her different dishes through out our trip. After breakfast we drove to a strawberry farm and had some coffee. For lunch we had rice with chicken. In the afternoon we went to a beautiful temple in Chiang Kham. Its made out of wood and definitely one of the must see attractions in Chiang Kham. 

The next day I took my mother to Doi Thung. It’s a beautiful waterfall about 30 kilometres away from the school. Here we met some British cyclist. It´s fun to meet people from different countries in Thailand. 

In the morning of the 3rd of February my mother and I drove to Chiang Mai. Here we would spend 4 days. On the first day after arriving in Chiang Mai I took my mother to eat Pad Thai. In the evening we went walking around the city and looked at some of the temple near our accommodation. 

The next couple of days we went around looking at more temples, to the night market, to Doi To Sep, the Hmong village and shopping. I enjoyed my stay in Chiang Mai very much and I am looking forward to going back there for the midterm seminar. 

On the 6th of February we drove to Phrae. On the way there we stopped at a elephant sanctuary to see the elephants working and demonstrating their skill. After arriving in Phrae we went to some different temples near the hotel. On the way back to the hotel we stumbled upon the night market. After buying some snacks we went back to the hotel. 

The next morning, we went to an indigo farm. Here we got the chance to dye something. I dyed a bag, and my mother dyed a scarf. Afterwards we went to a nature park. Since it was very hot we went back to the hotel after lunch. In the afternoon we visited a waterfall and went to the night market again. 

On the 8th of February we drove back to Chiang Kham. After spending one night at a hotel in Chiang Kham we went back to the school on the 9th. We went to eat at my favourite restaurant near the school. After lunch I said goodbye to my mother.

I was very  happy to see my mother again after 6 months away from home. I enjoyed seeing her in a for me now familiar surrounding for the first time. Seeing her enjoy different types of food and going to my favourite places around the school brought me a lot of joy. 

Me and my mother in Phrae 

Me colouring the bag in Phrae