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Expense structure

Why participation fee?

VSA is not financially supported by government to host projects related to IVS.  Hence all projects are self funded with a participation fee. Given the remote location and various complexities we have tried our best to make it as affordable as possible for volunteers. Being a non-profit organization we emphasize on transparency, below is how we spend collected participation fee.

  • Food, accommodation and logistics of volunteer during workcamp.
  • Project setup costs. (material and logistics cost)
  • Running the camp. (wages of professional like mason, carpenter, plumber etc and training local youth supported by us.)
  • Office running/admin expenses. (Internet, photocopy, stationary, electricity, phone, salaries, office equipments, tools and rent etc.)
  • Supporting small community project.
  • International travel costs to global conferences and membership fee for networking.
The participation Fee will be divide as
  • 40% for Project Running, all workcamp and MLTV project cost
  • 40% for Organization Running, all administrative cost such internet, rental, salary, phone, equipment, etc.
  • 10% for Training, meeting and seminar, cost for International travel costs to global conferences and membership fee for networking
  • 10% for Capital reserve