Game on play project description

Game ON - P.L.A.Y. - Participate, Learn & Activate the Youth"

Games are necessary for the education, as they mobilize the cognitive and socio-emotional competences of young people, thus contribute to their development and well-being. These competences facilitate also the social inclusion, especially for youth with less opportunities or special needs.

However, numerous games, made of suspect chemicals, endanger the youth. Besides, some of these games are un-pedagogical and unhealthy. As the game’s market is one of the most considerable worldwide, it is our duty to develop some educational device and encourage the social entrepreneurship of the youth as regards the use and promotion of sustainable and pedagogical games , suitable for healthy development, social inclusion and preservation of the environment through and for education. The youth workers and youth leaders can raise awareness to the youth and their families about these issues and encourage them toward responsible choices of games & the education by games. They

" Game ON - P.L.A.Y. - Participate, Learn & Activate the Youth" should also develop competencies related to their activities within the local communities and promote a better education-by-playing.

Within this context, we wish to launch a project which aims to enhance the competencies of youth workers from 8 countries and 3 continents. They will share their experiences and good practices, and develop skills and innovative educational methods centered on playing. They will become real prime-movers of initiatives among youth of their local communities and beyond.

Aims of the project:

The basic aims of our project are:

  • To enable a group of youth workers and youth leaders from 8 countries coming from 3 continents to exchange, and develop practical knowledge and skills related to non-formal education through for games and toys that promotes youth development.
  • To reinforce their knowledge about the value and use of educational play and toys & the importance of the responsible choice of the toys & games in the learning process to ensure the healthy development of young people and to improve their inclusion.
  • To develop the skills of the youth workers beneficiaries of this program on social entrepreneurship education in the field of socio-educational games, with a view to support young people to invest in this field.
  • To act in favor of young people in their communities by sensitizing them to the choice and practices in sustainable way their games & toys and develop their entrepreneurship skills by conducting them to investing in this field.
  • Facilitating social inclusion, improving well-being and developing skills of young people from different backgrounds and abilities through educational toys and games.
  • Create and put into practice an innovative educational tool to support the use of sustainable and educational games & toys for education in well being , youth inclusion and other field. This tool will also support youth workers to educate youngsters for social entrepreneurship in the field of games and toys.

Project Partners