Time for Tea is an educational activity which uses tea to give young people a voice. It encourages global learning, creative thinking and social action. It is a 3-stage process which gets children and young people thinking about important issues and then communicating their ideas to people who make decisions. Time for Tea is simple, fun and open to everyone regardless of age, background or ability. Wherever you are in the world, it’s easy to get started

Time For Tea is an initiative of Momentum World CIC

The project is being further developed through an Erasmus+ strategic partnership between Poland, Italy, Spain and the UK and started the 2nd phrase with asia partners which are India Philipines and Thailand.

For general information about Time for Tea, please see the attached introduction document and the Time for Tea website www.time4tea.info

This project will take Time for Tea to a global level, reaching out and sharing the methodology beyond Europe for the first time, and creating regional hubs for further expansion. It will demonstrate the four key principles of youth work (participation, empowerment, education and inclusion), the efficacy of non-formal learning, and how this adds value to school-based education in each country. It will set an example of youth advocacy on sustainability issues (SDGs). It will create exceptional opportunities for professional knowledge-sharing and intercultural learning. Mutual benefit between all partners is a fundamental principle of our approach.

The main activities will be as follows:

· Transnational partner meetings x4

· Youth worker mobility (regional training courses) x3

· Multiplier training days (workshops in each country)

· Volunteering (from and to each country)

· Local project implementation in each country

· Virtual meetings and seminars (using the Virtual Tea House which we are currently developing)

· Local / national dissemination events in each country

· Youth exchange and international dissemination event at the end of the project (in UK).

Project responsibilities will be spread among the partners as equally as possible. This means that each partner will be responsible for hosting / organizing at least one transnational meeting or mobility as well as hosting volunteers, coordinating local activities and dissemination events. Full details will follow.

The volunteering activities will have a duration of 2 or 3 months each. The role of the volunteers will be to promote Time for Tea and to support the implementation of local projects in schools and youth groups. Each country will enable as many local projects as possible.

The youth exchange will focus on the final international dissemination event, putting young people at the heart of the activity. There will only be space for a limited number of local projects to be represented, so an “audience voting” system will be used to select them. Selection of individual participants (young people) will be the responsibility of the project group together with each of our partners. Priority will be given to young people with fewer opportunities and especially those who have not travelled before. In the case of projects involving young children, participants will be the adult group leaders (including any youth leaders 14+).

The virtual meetings will enable a larger number of youth workers and young people to experience intercultural dialogue without the need for international travel. These meetings will be facilitated and moderated by our team.

In 1963 a young man called Satish Kumar walked from his native India to the four “nuclear capitals” of the world at the time – Moscow, Paris, London and Washington DC – to deliver a message of peace to their leaders. Travelling with no money and relying solely on the kindness of strangers, along the way he was given four packets of tea by a factory worker in Georgia, with the request to deliver the tea along with his message. The idea was that before deciding to press the nuclear button, those powerful men might stop and think for a moment, as they drank their tea. This was our inspiration for Time for Tea – a simple mechanism for giving young people a voice on the issues of today.

Satish, now a world-renowned peace activist living in England and still active as Editor Emeritus of the magazine Resurgence and Ecologist, has given his personal endorsement to the project, encouraging young people to follow in his footsteps. “Time for Tea is time to act” he says, “to make the world a better place, to let go of your prejudices, to take care of each other. Thank you for believing in young people.” Satish’s video message can be seen on the Time for Tea website www.time4tea.info

We use tea because:

- Tea brings people together. It is enjoyed in different cultures all round the world.

- When busy people have a cup of tea, they stop and relax for a moment – the perfect time to listen and think.

- The medium of tea allows young people to initiate dialogue with decision makers in a way that is engaging and non-confrontational.

Any teacher, youth worker or other motivated person can lead a Time for Tea project, with a group of any age, in or out of the classroom. No specialist knowledge is required.

Time for Tea is designed to allow maximum flexibility, so the approach, content, activities and timetable can be adapted to the needs and interests of each group. The project can support almost any subject on the formal education curriculum.

There are 3 simple steps:

1. Prepare

· Plan your activities. Choose a group of young people to work with. Remember – it is their project: the leader should only advise and support.

· Explore the issues that matter to young people about the world, near or far.

· Decide which topic is most important: what do you want to say about it, and who you do want to listen?

2. Create

· Get some tea, and work together to design an imaginative packet for the tea plus your message. How creative can you be?

3. Communicate

· Deliver your tea and message to the person you want to listen. Ask them to drink the tea and think about your message. Hopefully they will answer or offer to meet you.

· Tell the story of your project, through video, photographs or other media. Send it to us, and we share it with the world on the website.

· We encourage links between schools, leading to further international project initiatives.

The Virtual Kick Off Meeting

The virtual Kick Off meeting of "Time for Tea" Project was run last 3-4 March 2021 with 6 partners from United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, India, Philipines and Thailand. All members team concluded to suspeand the project during Civid-19 Pandemic.

21 May 2021 is International Tea Day, Read about Thai tea story and a little home made tea story in Thailand Here.