The Feast of Na Tcha in the Historic Centre of Macao 2019

Project code: MY001-19

Date: 12 to 21 June 2019

Place: Macao, China

Place for Thai volunteers: 2

Accommodation: YMCA Hostel

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

The Historic Centre of Macao

With a 500 hundred years history, Macao preserves many historical properties. The Historic Centre of Macao, which includes 20+ historic monuments and public squares, was officially listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 15 July 2005. “The Historic Centre of Macao” is a living representation of the city’s historic western settlement, comprising architectural legacies amongst the original urban fabric illustrating the first and most lasting encounter between China and the western world.

This workcamp is organized by Macao New Chinese Youth Association (MNCYA) – an active youth organization in Macao, and it is mainly about traditional culture preservation and cultural heritage promotion, through a series of workshops and participation in the Feast and Parade. Thus, it provides a very good opportunity for our volunteers to join the festival as a cultural event, to get familiar with the Macao World Heritage, experience the unique “East meets west” culture while working along with the local people.


”FEAST OF NA-TCHA in historic centre of Macao”


  1. กรอกใบสมัคร
  2. ยืนยันการเข้าร่วม โดยการส่งเอกสารและค่าลงเบียน
  3. รอประกาศผล 1 สัปดาห์
  4. เตรียมตัวเดินทาง
  5. ร่วมค่าย
  6. ประเมินผล



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