The land of smile, The land of improvement

This is the first time I come to Thailand, and very soon after I arrived, I fell in love with this amazing piece of land.

From what I heard on the flight to Thailand, Thailand is known to be “the land of smile”. I wasn't quite believe at that moment as many countries made similar names but deviate from the reality so much. But just an hour after I arrived Hat Yai airport, I was fully aware of the smile and kindness of Thai people. With no prior knowledge of Thai language, the short distance from airport to the Peace Village become the longest journal I've ever traveled. Unfortunately I missed the place which I should get off from the Songtaew (van) for quite a few kilometres. While I was so depressed in walking back on the highway, people around came to me and took me to the village.

The reason why I spent a few months in Thailand is because I want to doing something meaningful to myself and to the world. Currently I am helping the Office of Non-formal and Informal Education and the Peace Village to teach English in Songkhla, Koh Yor, Khlonglha and Khlong Hoi Khong. By working here I have the chance to apply what I have learnt for so many years to help many people. It is of my greatest pleasure and satisfaction that students can benefit from me.

The first day that I learnt the work of the Office of Non-formal and Informal Education, I feel very much amazed that Thailand devoted so much resources in education for everybody who is interested to learn. When I learnt that they have this office in every amphoe (district), I can't be more impressed to the attitude of Thai people to learn and to teach. Their enthusiasm to learn and their thirst to knowledge becomes one of my greatest motivation to deliver everything that I know to them.

My living here doesn't mean to teach only. For just a few weeks staying in Thailand and Peace Village, I learnt so much from everyone here. This is undoubtedly the best time of my life, which I can enjoy my life, learn from everyone and benefit everyone.

Chi Fat Wong from Hongkong

Jan - June 2013