Chiharu, ICL project on August



> My name is Chiharu Kimoto. I’m from Japan. I’ve just finished 3rd grade of university, and I take gap year for a year.


>I taught English in 4 formal schools this month. They are same schools as last month. So I will write the situation at this time.

>It has passed 5 months since I started teaching in Thailand. I enjoy teaching English. I have not got used to teach English. I prepare for the class but it is not successful every time. But I’m so happy when I see students’ smiling. I hope they will be interested in English and about Japan.

>I thought a lot about how to scold to students and what is respect. Some students said Thai bad words to me in this month. The students might think that I don’t know any Thai words, but I know. I scold them but they didn’t understand. I should have said about it to Thai teacher quickly because I can’t speak Thai.

Also I have another experience. Students were very noisy during the lesson. I said “be quiet” in Thai, but they were still noisy. I tried many things. For example I let one of the student out from the classroom, put their desks far away. But it doesn’t work so much. I can’t speak Thai so it is more difficult. However I haven’t beaten them yet because punishment by hit is forbidden by low in my country, so I am afraid to do it. But it is acceptable in Thailand. So I feel complicated. I want to be a junior high school teacher so it is good chance for me to think about.