NVDA Executive Committee (EC) Meeting (2014 November 18th – 21st)

Skype EC of NVDA (Jan. 16th)

1. TNW & GA

1A. Presentation in the contest of Fiesta

 Submitted & accepted: DWC (DEVE), VT (CULT), IIWC (EDUC)

 Planned but not yet: FSL (ENVI), SJV (SOCI). YSDA is also interested, but not

concrete. How to deal? Keep places for FSL/ SJV or open to other members?

1B. Final mailing around the 20th

What should/ can we send together with Annual Report?

● Financial Report 2014 and Budget Plan 2015

● Guidance for the WGs and other programs (see the one for 2012)

● Action proposal form (can someone revise?)

● Why & how to organize the workcamps? (to be revised?)

● LMTV Handbook (to be revised?)

● Info. of sister networks? (e.g., ALLIANCE’s 10 years vision, CCIVS’s PoA)

● SDGs and Lima declaration? (if possible, also draft Asian Development Goals)

● EC proposals (any? constitutional amendment and annual meeting/ GA?)

● Proposal by NICE or EC (Asian/ Global Forest Service with ITTO, Best IVS prize,

VSTV exchange, Carbon off-set, etc.)

1C. How shall we run 2 mornings of WGs (on the 31st and 1st)?

Maybe, you can write your ideas, opinions here if talking is difficult!

How do you think? Is it OK to have a world cafe? (Kai)


I cannot join the skype strangely...

Objective:To create and develop actions of NVDA by the members!

In an effective and participative (democratic) way.

I feel the member need to suggest an effective working system or methodology.

Because of our experience in the last one year.

Expected outcome:

Not a few participants may wonder where to join and be interested in more than one.

What about having the world cafe on the 31st? For example,

 09:00-09:30 Plenary

 09:30-10:30 World cafe to 3 groups they will not belong later (20 min. each)

 10:40-11:30 Discussion in each group to develop the plan for 2015

● They can be separated into further smaller groups for each action

 11:30-12:30 Lunch and final preparation for the Forum

 12:30-13:00 Meeting with Mr. Goto, Vice Secretary General of ITTO

Feb. 1st morning (sorry, I cannot be present...):

Continue the same groups?

Form new small teams based on the ideas coming (like open space)?

2. Annual Report 2014

How is progress (Kai did just a bit since the last mtg)? Can we really do send it around

the 20th?? Just do it!

3. Statistics and Annual report - share the situation

* Both submitted:

* Only statistics submitted:

* Only report submitted:

* Not submitted any of them:

18-19 of 27 members have submitted.

No exception, just apply the rule (for VIN)!

4. Invoice to some members

* We need to send it very soon, so they can bring cash to Japan.

* We can also suggest to deduct from the travel reimbursement for those who will get

 (Should we tell them that unless they say no, we do so??).

BWCA 37.5

DJ 75.0

IVP 100.5

KNCU 37.5

FFN 187.5

VPV 37.5

JIA 7.0

SJ 525.0

MNCYA 75.0

SMILE 337.5

GV4GF 155.0

YSDA 422.5

COM 75.0

1-1) Preface Kai, Phuc Not yet

1-2) Definition/ types of i.v.s. Kai Done (No change)

1-3) 10 biggest news of NVDA Kai Almost done (besides some figures)

1-4) List of the main events Kai Done

2-1) Global situation in 2014 Kai, Bird Cannot now (till the members will submit)

2-2) Social situations Kai Cannot now (till the members will submit)

2-3) Projects and Impact Kai Cannot now (till the members will submit)

3-1) Regular Networking Projects Kai Done (Tum, you can add if you want!)

3-2) Starting in "new" countries Phuc Not yet (only about UBD?)

3-3) Improving qualities of NGOs Kai & Dore Done

3-4) Developing PR of i.v.s. NGOs Phuc Not yet

3-5) Sending Volunteers by NVDA Phuc Not yet

3-6) Common actions Kai Not yet

3-7) Impact and recognition Bird Done!

3-8) Asian Voluntary Service Kai Not yet

4-1) International meetings Kai Not yet

4-2) Networks of i.v.s. NGOs Kai Not yet

4-3) Partnership by Member NGOs Kai Cannot now (till the members will submit)

5-1) Membership Phuc Not yet

5-2) Executive Committee Kai Not yet

5-3) Secretariat Phuc Not yet

5-4) Working Groups Bird Done!

5-5) Asian Volinteering Ambassadors Kai Not yet

5-6) Publication & Communication Phuc Not yet

5-7) Structure of Member NGOs Kai Not yet

6-1) Financial report 2014 Tum Not yet

6-2) Finance of Member NGOs Tum Not yet