MLTV1403 Buddhism Community - Songkhla


Yor Island is Buddhism community where many Buddhism temples located. Khok Peiyw Temple is the temple where supporting local Thai culture, Environment and Education. The place well known as Buddhism learning center. There is school of monk in the temple.


Volunteer will help temple and community activities and Buddhism learning.      

·         Teaching Basic English to the Monk at the temple and local school in the community.

·         Renovation work, making EM Ball (protect water pollution) for environmental project.

·         Preparing for the ceremony together with local Thai.

Monday: Activities, Teaching and working at the temple

Tuesday: Activities, Teaching and working at the temple

Wednesday: Activities, Teaching at Local school

Thursday: Activities, Join conversation class at Thaksin University

Friday: Activities, Teaching and working at the temple

Weekend: Free time/ or join local activities


Location KhokPeiyw Temple, Yor Island,Mueang Songkhla District, Songkhla

Hat Yai (frequently spelled Had Yai) is the largest city in southern Thailand, located near the border of Malaysia and populated by nearly 800,000 Thais. Hat Yai is located in Songkhla Province.

Accommodation and food Volunteers stay in host family for female and temple for male.

Ø  Mattress, fans, pillows and blanket is provided.

Ø  Toilet, shower, electricity and refrigerator is provided.

Ø  Washing clothes by hands.

Ø  No food and drinks accept water in accommodation area for your care because some animals such as mouse, snake, lizard etc. will come to share your food.

Ø  No smoking and no alcohols in public.

Ø  No any loud noise after 21:00.

Ø  Internet connection is provided at the temple and school.

Ø  Please keep clean and tidy and in the accommodation and working area. Recycling bins will be available in the house.


Ø  Volunteers cook and eat with local in the host family and temple.

Ø  You are expected to bring your ingredients from your hometown for cultural exchange.





·         Hatyai Train station.

·         Hatyai Bus station

·         Hatyai International Airport


Ø  Songkhla Beach

Ø  Khohong Hill

Ø  Tone Nga Chang Water fall

Ø  Local Temple

Ø  Hatyai downtown

Ø  Floating market

Extra Fee 14,000 Bath per month for 1st months (including project preparation and orientation week) and 12,000 Bath for 2nd, 3rd month after 4th months is 10,000 Bath per month.