MLTV1401-6 InterCutural and Language (ICL) - Sakon Nakhon EDU/KIDS Jun - Sept./Nov. – Feb. 2 vols.



Rajapachanukroh 53 School is the school for disadvantage and poor children in country side of Sakon-Nakhon ,Thailand.

The school is under the royal foundation offer education, food and accommodation for the children that have no parents, the children from the poor family, and the children from very remote area. They can come and stay at the school from the primary (7 years) to high school (18 years). They are staying at the school with the teacher, so we are offer them not only education but also life and opportunities.

Give primary Thai students have the big chance to communication with the foreigner. Destroy shyness from them and let them used to foreigner even now not only English is important to be in the world. Education camp is the most wanted from Thai people when thinking of cultural diversity. After many camps have done in the primary schools. The students are getting use to with the foreigners and some dare to speak out. We need to keep continuing their chance to meet and share with international volunteers as their improvement. We hope one day the students from the rural area will have more confident to speak English and face to foreigners, also more understanding in cultural diversity similar as the students in the big city. No more knowledge gap!



Volunteers are expecting to work as English teacher in primary & high school. You can prepare the easy English lesson and useful conversation. Open and shared a new experience with the students. Use your own experience for teaching and enjoying with games.


Location Rajapachanukroh 53 School, A. Phanna Nikhom, Sakon-Nakhon, Thailand.



Accommodation and food

Volunteer will stay at the school accommodation. You have your own accommodation (Bedroom and bathroom). Have a meal at the school.


Ø  Beautiful temples, and silk and handicraft villages.


Ø  1-3 Months 12,000 Bath per month minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months

Ø  4th months 10,000 Bath, 5th months 8,000 Bath, 6th months 6,000 Bath, 7th months 4,000 Bath after 8th months is free.

Ø  Participation fee use for food and accommodation during volunteer project period except volunteer own expenses such as souvenirs, alcohols, personal food, free time travel expenses also expense before the project start and after project ending.

Ø  It may be very difficult to change or withdraw money during the Project. So, please prepare adequate funds of Thai Bath in Cash beforehand!!


Please Note

Ø  Culture respect is need in your project site as we stay with many international volunteers and with local.

Ø  You should prepare travel insurance and visa by yourself before departure, there is Local Public Health in case of minor injury that you may get free of medical expense.

Ø  If your behavior during the project is not cooperative (e.g. not working properly, not respecting others, breaking the rules, the local manners and culture, etc.), you will be requested to improve. If there is still no improvement, we may request you to leave as the final choice.


What to bring (Base on imagine you are the teacher)

Ø  Sleeping bag ( thin one as it is very warm)

Ø  Teaching clothes, every shirts need to cover the shoulders, trousers for man and skirt for woman, skirt should cover your knees. Important! No vest, shorts when teaching.

Ø  Jacket

Ø  No smoking and alcohols drink in front of students and local people.

Ø  Brogue shoe or canvas shoes, no slippers when teaching.

Ø  Medicine as you think necessary

Ø  Mosquito repellant

Ø  Your traditional music and costumes (CDs, ideas for games/ activities).

Ø  Materials or sources (brochures, maps, souvenirs, pictures, flags, or handicrafts to introduce

about your country and culture).

Ø  Toilet paper (you can by it at the shop in Thailand) / Flash light

Ø  Sunglasses and sun-block cream

Ø  Any interesting materials such as CDs, ideas for games/activities for students

Ø  Energy, enthusiasm and an open mind

Ø  Motivation, good humor, and communication skills


Special Remarks Volunteer should love to play with kids and please bring some teaching material such as book, kids’ education game, stationary, etc. from your country, it will be the good way for culture exchange and made students have more motivation.

About VSA

Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) is a non-profit (NPO)/non-government (NGO) /  Peace organization collaborates international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds.

Our work is based on the belief that to learning, sharing and understanding reduce any conflicts to the last goal that is PEACE.

Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) started activities in 2008 as SAWASDEE Thailand (ST) and organized first international workcamp in 2009.

Now VSA is a full member of NVDA (Network Voluntary Development in Asia) and CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) and still keep promoting International Voluntary Service (IVS) in Thailand step by step.

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Thailand Special Tip

Ø  Thai people is kind and always smile for greeting, Thai life is easy, we are easy to live especially with foreigners. So hitch hike is work in Thailand but sometime be careful if you are alone girl.

Ø  SAWASDEE Ka is Hello for Woman, SAWASDEE Krub is Hello for Man just say this word when greeting you will get the smile back from Thai.

Ø  Water from tab could not drink but just use for washing.

Ø  Sometime you will see Thai toilet, please use bath to get water for suppression.



Have a nice and safety trip to Thailand, see you!

 By Tum VSA Thailand