MLTV1304 Set up VSA Clay House and ceramics International Learning Center - Prachuapkhirikhan CONS 6 vols.


Clay house Learning Centre is the new learning center of VSA studying on social work, nature and environmental friendly.

The aims of new learning center is

·         Living as natural and environmental friendly.

·         Learning center for everyone who want to learn how to build and live with natural condition.

·         Sharing different living experience as the VSA main aim InterCutural and Language learning (ICL)

To Build habitat as the Clay house is the low cost living expense which available for everyone. Also the method is not to complicate and need much cost both money and knowledge. Clay House also can be built for other purpose such as agriculture (to be mushroom room, storage tool, etc.), service place etc. As its condition is cooler than bricks house, in Thailand clay house is the significant alternative place for cooler condition avoiding using air-condition.


This is the setting up of new learning center. The whole place is originally landscape. There are one hut and toilets. Thus, volunteer will help to build new clay house using for learning center.

·         Learning Hall zone

·         Kitchen and eating zone

·         Accommodation zone

Also helping set up administrative system, administrative tools, accounting, website and documents.

Location VSA Clay House and Ceramics International Learning Center Muang District, PrachuapKirikhan.

Accommodation and food Volunteer will stay at Thai style house or Tent with simple bedroom and bathroom. Volunteer take turn to cook Thai food


·         Prachuapkirikhan Train station.

·         Prajuabkirikan Bus station

Leisure Activities

Visit the Beach, Museum, and town and enjoy the local life.

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months.

Special Remarks This camp is hard work need strong encouragement. Also welcome any idea for new center set up management

 By Tum VSA