MLTV1303 Folklore museum on Yo Island - Songkhla CULT 4 vols.


The officers of The Institute for Southern Thai Studies had high motivation to exchange with international volunteers about culture and language so they asked the international volunteers contribution in their culture seminar activities. The Institute Southern Thai Study is the great museum in the south with fantastic view, located on the hill on Koh Yor island, Songkhla.


Volunteer will support the museum, learning Southern Thai culture, receive training to be a guide for tourist visiting and cleaning the antiques in the museum.


Yor Island, Songkhla

Accommodation and food Volunteer will stay in the museum accommodation. Food will be provided by the museum.

Leisure Activities

·         Water Park in Songkhla zoo

·         Songkhla Beach

·         Local Temple

·         Songkhla city

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months

By Tum VSA