MLTV1302 Songkhla ZOO - Songkhla ENVI 4 vols.


The biggest zoo in Southern located on the Khao Rub Chang hill, Songkhla. There are animal zone, camping zone, water park and restaurant.


Volunteers are expected to work in the zoo helping the staffs daily task such feed animals, cleaning Teaching and help in water park.

There will be 3 working Team in the zoo

1.       Keeper Team; Feeding the animal, Cleaning the anomal cave a nd pond, Take care of animal

2.       Vet assistant Team; treat the animal when they are sick.

3.       Education Team; For Enterainment and give information for a group of student


Songkhla zoo, Muang, Songkhla


Volunteer stay in the dormitory together in one building separate male in the first floor and female in the second floor the zoo.


·         Songkhla bus station

·         Hatyai bus station

·         Hatyai Train station

·         Hatyai international airport

Leisure Activities

·         Water Park in Songkhla zoo

·         Samila Beach

·         Local Temple

·         Songkhla heritage downtown

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months

Special Remark No smoking in the zoo

By Tum VSA