MLTV1301-2 InterCutural and Language (ICL) Trang Permanent EDU/KIDS 2 โครงการครูอาสานานาชาติ ตรัง


Ban Khao Mai Kaew School is a small primary school locate on Yantakhao district, Trang province in southern part of Thailand. The school locate on rural area, students has less chance to meet foreigners


Volunteers are expecting to work as English teacher. You can prepare the easy English lesson and useful conversation. Open and shared a new experience with the students. Use your own experience for teaching and enjoying with games.

This project did not expect excellent teaching method or much experience, just you are willing and love to be with kids everything will come naturally. The aims of this project is to give local student chance to communicate with international volunteer. This is quite new of them to meet international volunteer, so they may shy and keep silence in front of international volunteer in the beginning. If you keep trying to play, sing and talk to them, they will toss away bashfulness and be nice to you. After the students got used to you, they really start to make afford to have conversation with you, although their English might not be good enough for that. They will keep on trying, because they will be very interested in you being a foreigner.

Location Ban Khao Mai Kaew School Tung Kai Sub-district, Yahtakhao Distrct, Trang Province

Accommodation and food Volunteers stay in a host family, probably the home of a English teacher. Thai house with basic and simple condition. Volunteers have lunch at the school with students and teachers. Volunteers have breakfast and supper with the teacher at teacher’s house. Please help for cooking as you can for culture exchange and for the nice way to living together.

 You are expected to bring your ingredients from your hometown for cultural exchange.


·         Trang train station

·         Trang bus station

·         Trang Airport

Leisure Activities

·         Local temple

·         Beach and Island

·         Night Market

Fee 12,000 Bath per month for 3 months and minus 2,000 Bath per month after 4th months.

Special Remarks Love to play with kids and please bring some teaching material such as book, kids education game, stationary, etc. from your country, it will be the good way for culture exchange and made students having more motivation.

Tum Laksana Rodtrakul