VSA1423 InterCutural and Language (ICL) camp (2) EDU/KIDS 15 – 27/12 (December) Chaing Mai

intercultural and language camp-chiangmai


We are a rural school in countryside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have call our area is “Mae-Cham”. We are far from the city around 120 kilometers and we are located in a peaceful area with nearly a Doi-Intanon National Park.

In our school, we have 1,010 poor students from a different hill tribe village, including of Karen , Hmong , Lee-saw , Lua etc.  

In PRK31 (Rajapachanukroh 31) school you will see and study with a different culture and learn more with their daily life. Because we are a school under a Royal project so our school are accept only a children from a poor family who don’t have enough money to paying for learn and all students needed to stay in a school. We have 10 dormitories for accommodate and separate for girls and boys.

For their activities, every day they have to schedule a dairy routine for studying and learn more for agriculture farm in school. Every student needed to taking care a farm, rice field and other project as waving clothes, drawing or painting. Their product will sell in a shop and the income will go to the students.

For the English for education project .We have contacted with VSA Thailand for sending us an English teacher for give our students have the big chance to communication with the foreigner. Destroy shyness and let them learn more tradition from the foreigner teacher. This project will open the new world for our poor students.


Volunteers are expecting to work as English teacher in primary & high school. You can prepare the easy English lesson and useful conversation. Open and shared a new experience with the students. Use your own experience for teaching and enjoying with games.

Location Rajapachanukroh 31 School, A. Mae-Cham, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Accommodation and food Volunteer will stay at the school or teacher’s house. You have your own accommodation ( Bedroom and bathroom ). Have a meal at the school.


*      Mae-Cham bus station

*      Chom-Thong bus station

*      Chiang-Mai bus station

*      Chiang-Mai International Airport.

Leisure Activities

*      Study and enjoy with student who taking care of school farm project (etc. farming , rice field, buffalos, cows , pigs) following the Royal project and a sufficient agriculture project.

*      Visit Maepan temple and other ancient temples nearby school such as Pa-dad temple ( There have some painting with over 100 years old )

*      Training with our teachers and students who have trained for their own project, making a handicraft things , waving clothes, drawing and painting for getting an income.

Fee 8,000 Bath

Special Remarks Volunteer should love to play with kids and please bring some teaching material such as book, kids education game, stationary, etc. from your country, it will be the good way for culture exchange and made students have more motivation.

By Tum VSA Thaland