VSA1418 Temple Renovation (2) RENO/CONS 06 – 18/10 (October) Nakhon Srithammrat

Temple Renovation - Nakhon Srithammarat


Local community or village in country side is leak of support from the government, voluntary hand from local, university student workcamp as well as international workcamp with are always welcome and need for them to development their local community.


*      Renovation and construction; temple, school and public places in the village are always need volunteers hand to renovate, cleaning, painting.

*      Organic farm; to promoting organic food we will give our hand to support those village s who already doing it. their plant and grow organic vegetable in the village.

*      Environmental friendly; planting tree, recycle and promoting on global action to prevent climate change

*      Relationship with the village; there are many volunteer activities in the village and local community, we always give them a hand such as cleaning in the village, temple and school, temple ceremony.

*      Creative English Teaching; to give the chance for kids and people in the village has opportunity to communicate with difference languages, touch difference culture.

Location Local Temple, Nakhon Srithammarat

Accommodation Volunteer will stay at the temple. Rural area

Terminal Phattalung train station, Hatyai International Airport

Leisure Activities

*      Water fall

*      Nakhon Srithamamarat city.

*      Local temple, village, and enjoy with local life. 

Fee 8,000 Bath

Special Remarks This camp work in the temple, so no short, vest. The cloths should cover should and knees. Thai culture specialize are really need.