VSA1417 Renovation/Temple and Thai Community camp (New) RENO/CULT 15 – 27/09 (September) Perlis, Malaysia

Renovation / Temple & Thai Community Camp -Perlis, Malaysia (NEW)


Thai community in Perlis state, Malaysia. In the history some part of Malaysia is own by Siam (Thailand) so there were Thai live in Malaysia (at the present). In Malaysia, there are many nationalities such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai is the smallest race. Perlis located on the north of Malaysia close to Thailand’s border about 70 Kilometers. Thai race in Malaysia is still keep living as Thai way.


Volunteer will renovate some parts of the temple such painting, fixing and cleaning temple building, toilet and wall.


The Buddhist Temple, Perlis, Malaysia

Accommodation and food Volunteer will stay in the public hall in the temple.

Terminal Alor setar bus terminal.

Leisure Activities

*      Lankawi Island

*      Perlis City  

Fee 8,000 Bath

Special Remarks This camp is not in Thailand but organize in Thai community in Malaysia surround with Muslim and Chinese communities. This community is keep living and though very traditional Thai seem Thai in the 10 years ago. This camp work in the temple, so no short, vest. The cloths should cover should and knees. Thai culture specialize are really need

By Tum VSA Thailand